Railway Geocomposite Drainage And More – Short Description

Geocomposite drainage systems are very popular these days due to the various advantages they provide over other materials. They are being extensively used these days for railway tracks. The geocomposite pipes consist of geotextiles, membranes and mixing nets combined together appropriately. This combination enhances the strength of the pipes, making them stronger and sturdier.

Benefits – The many benefits of railway geocomposites are – the net helps in taking the gases and the liquids to the convention pipes while the membrane helps in preventing the passage of gases and liquids. While the geotextiles do the task of passing the liquid and the gases through the net core, leaving behind the soil particles. The geocomposite pipes have high resistance under loading against deformation. They also prevent seepage, run-off and pumping of subgrade lines. They also help in improving the bearing capacity, stabilizing the subgrade as well as maintaining the alignment of the track.

UTX chambers or under track crossing in railway tracks systems are light in weight, circular in design and are easy to install and are ideal for provision of a junction or under track crossing in railway drainage.