Ground Drainage Systems & Ground Stabilisation

When a house or a commercial building or any commercial structures are to be built one of the most important points to be taken into consideration is the drainage system and ground stabilization. Here is a rundown the same in brief.

Ground drainage systems – There are primarily two kinds of drainage systems which include above the ground drainage systems and below the ground drainage systems. There are a variety of drainage pipes that are used in ground drainage systems. These include Cast iron, Galvanised iron, Lead, ceramic, PVC or plastic pipes and CPVC pipes. Out of the many varieties available the most popular type that is extensively used in ground drainage are plastic or PVC pipes. The reason is very clear, PVC pipes come with a basket full of benefits compared to other materials. These pipes are extremely light in weight hence it is easy to transport them, load and install them. They have high resistance to fire and are non-corrosive in nature. These pipes have a long life span and are unbreakable to a great extent. Even compared to CI pipes or GI pipes or Lead pipes they are cheaper.

Ground Stabilisation – Ground stabilisation is carried out for improving the bearing capacity of the soil with the use of stabilizing agents as well as controlled compaction. This is primarily done for enhancing the engineering properties of the soil by treating it mechanically. Ground stabilization is highly useful as it also helps in reducing volume change of the soil because of moisture as well as temperature. There are various techniques for ground stabilisation but the two main methods in use are the chemical and the mechanical methods. The most cost effective method of the two is the chemical method which involves addition of chemicals to the soil for improving properties. While in the mechanical method of stabilization, the correct proportioning of aggregates is done, followed by adequate compaction to get a mechanically stable layer. Ground stabilization improves the durability of the soil hence it is useful.